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Thursday, March 30, 2006

2:42PM - Dreams DO come true!!!!!

In the crazy-awesomeness of other peoples miss-fortune (there's a pun there kids, don't miss it!) I now own the deed to a small plot of land on which the jack daniels distillary lovingly crafts their sweet-sweet-muffin-blood! albeit only a small portion of the land, I now have something i charish as much as.......well, wiskey! Huzzah!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

10:13PM - If you get to heaven before me, ask if you can bring a friend......

I have but one prayer. I say this without any sense of pride, or hatred, or a look at me attitude, or any of my useual thought process.

Though we die
though we lose ourselves amoungst the bones of our kin
the mistakes of generations
the tears of the loved
and the ruins of our lives
i ask you, all of you
from thouse who love me to those who hate me and thouse i've never seen
do not pass as quietly as the ones before us
do not lie amoung the lilies till you feed them with your body
do not watch your parents and children and lovers and friends decay
and except your place in the rock and dust
i know you fear the gods
you are right to fear them
but do not prostrate yourselves before them
they consume
and devour
and destroy
they cover your hearts and eyes
they bind your hands and tounge
they bury you with soft voices and gently place you under their feet till
you forever stay as they want you
regretful of everything you did and didnt do
i beg you, one and all
rip off your blind folds and naw at your bindings
claw to the surface at any cost
and hold the giants above your head
scream and jump though our limbs give to age and the wieght of the world
lift all others with you
and when we all stand beside each other
for good or ill
love or hate
life or death
let us cry out
and bring havoc to the throne

we are not gods
we are not demons
we are alive
something that gives us more power than anything else

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

12:30AM - Not all who are Lost like to Wander.....


Guess who!

Thats right! Here i come with plentiy o'stories, some new cuts n'brusies, a hell of a hangover, and some ass-kickin jackie chan type shit!

oh, and my phone is broken. ill call everyone when i get the chance. adios

Current mood: like a fox!

Friday, April 8, 2005

9:57AM - With dance moves like that, one could kill a man.........

Guess what. seriously, guess.

fine, i'll tell you. i'm doin capoeira! right now! while i'm typin!

Current mood: Mugen-esque

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

2:05PM - woot! L33t H4iku

a11 ph34r m3 and f411
ph0r i am th3 L33t ninj4
and d34th w4lks wit m3

Current mood: jo.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

3:18PM - All the Dreams that we have had.......

"I want to go home."

I don't know how many times i've said that to myself.
every time i did i felt like i was giving in, giving up.
over the past three weeks i have done so much and at the same time so little.
for everyone who doesnt know: 1. arrested in new york for jumping a train turnstile(cost of subway fare: 200 pennies. staying for 24 hours at mannhatten central booking: priceless.) 2.visited good friends, missed lots of school. 3.mugged outside of movie theater(money lost:$63.00, level of rage at not having killed all three of them: partialy infused with infinity.) 4.locked out of my apartment with no way to get in for 3 days(different places i slept at around boston: 17., Meeting a crazy man who belived himself pope of boston and spoke fluent latin: 10 kinds of awesome.)5.numerous misadventures in and around boston.
After all this i came to a conclusion.
I can stay, or i can leave.
I decided to stay. I love everyone at home. But when i say stay, i mean i will make this city my bitch. So to everyone at home; wish me luck.
to boston; I hope you brought lube, cause muffin's about to rape you with a jug of george dickel. hard.

Current mood: they wont know what hit 'em

Monday, February 14, 2005

12:52PM - i wanna feel real........

I woke to find my dream asleep
beside the clock at half past ten
for what its worth i kissed her
then woke from death again

i left the house with god behind me
and walked a mile or nine
found a lopsided heart next to me
i knew that it was mine

she picked it up and kept it
then kissed my fingers eight
if you want them you can have them
someting to play with while you wait

another step to leave the ledge
just count my breaths till seven
the faster the ground comes up to hug you
the faster you meet heaven

a bounce and then im on my feet
my watch said it was six
it time to greet the fools at home
and play my parlor tricks

i asked a man for quarters
then picked his coat for five
broke my hand on his revolver
i watched him join his hive

i took the train to wonderland
got off at station four
they barred and locked the gate
so i kicked in the door

i met the saint of whiskey
we drank for my friends three
he questioned my truths of love and hate
and then he drank for me

i stumbled to my doorstep
on stately Foster 2
then turned around and walked away
down some other's avenue

far too short my journy was
and this was just day one
i thought of her and missed her most
but my tears will never come

Monday, January 10, 2005

12:34AM - Is that so, Rambo?

The sun sits on the edge of the horizon, awaiting the final stumble into the darkness, as a lone figure walks from its warmth. His head tilted against the growing cold, his sharpened steel slung across his back, our hero makes his way to begin his training in the east. With a heavy breath and a steady hand, Takoon the ninja squirrel crests a rise in the land and looks into the distance..........

Jo. Today i start a journey into the great land that lies to the east. boston. a land so ripe with sin and grime it would make a sailor blush. i cant wait. i'm gonna miss everyone one when i'm gone. adios.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


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12:02AM - Collect stem-cells for FUN and PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

All right, shut up and listen to me cause i'm talkin. I'd like to share with you all something that i can only call "a headfirst dive into a pile of rusty pipes and midgets holding grenades." I say it is such because they both end the same way; some clangs and clashes, a big explosion, and one sad little-person with tetanus. I guess i should start from the beginning, but im lazy and getting drunker by the second. So i'm gonna dive in the middle, skip around, introduce characters who have nothing to do with it, and then the chosen one will die before he even gets to mordor. 'nuff bullshit. story time, Bitches!

"What do you want? You want a medal? Maybe a parade?" she said as though she was spewing a bile of pure hate and sarcasm at me.
"Go fuck yourself, you slack-jawed cockbiter." said I.
It's odd how much fun cussing can be, even in the middle of a hailstorm of fire and brimstone vomited from the mouths of God's fallen children. Oh, I'm sorry. I havent even told you my name and I'm already showing you my bad side. Well, I'm afraid you will have to live with that disappointment. I've been in Hell so long I dont remember my real name. No one uses names here anyway. Their usually too absorbed in their pain to even speak. When someone does say something to me, they tend to refer to me as a "twisted fuck." That works. You can call me "Twist". You ever been to Hell? Then you know what I'm talkin about.
"Such fierce words from the 'Great Hero'! Did you here that from Scratch as he fucked you up the ass, or did you think it up by yourself?"
I should clarify. The speaker (who's choice of words was about to get her a shiv to the eye) is a good friend of mine. Actually, my only friend in this place. Oh, and she's a demon-whore. No, really. A Succubus. And cute to boot. Good company on lonely nights and all that shit. The problem is that she has a bad penchant for picking the worst times to get pissy. Like during Ragnarok, the End Time. I had a feeling it was going to be a shitty day........

to be continued.

Current mood: dirty

Monday, October 4, 2004

8:37PM - forceing a mental erection..

got so little to say, so little to do. first, a word to the fucker who thinks he can just waltz on to this page and act like he knows me. i mean that in the best way possiable. jay, you still owe me a blowjob. jessie-ray, its been a while. from what i know alex still doesnt know how to un-do a bra strap. oh well, child in mind..........
any way , hey everybody. keep up the good work. or something.

Current mood: pleased

Friday, October 1, 2004

7:44PM - spare the rod.....use a hammer

did you know that 18% of all "almost-sexual" experiances were stopped because the man was too drunk to continue?
on a lighter note 38% of those same experiances were stopped because the woman "wasn't drunk enough."
little tid-bit of info.

Current mood: like a motherfucker

5:39AM - a little poem(half done)

this is my play thats caught in intermission
im getting all the actors in a new position
actions speak with tounged impressions, though vital
for hope that all the movement will cause something quite tidal
curtin opens on a checkout line
where i make the toughest choices between whiskey and wine
a rude decision and a laughable cause
like a surgeon with percision weidling two bone-saws

1:06AM - objects that piss me off

1. un-lit cigerettes on a dirty floor
2. white shirts with pink stains on them
3. buttons with bad catchphrases on bags held by stupid people
4. small shirts on girls who know that they are cute

Current mood: artistic

Thursday, September 30, 2004

4:34PM - I'm like disney with a hangover

The Hell!? How did i get here. Too many boozes. screw it. hey people with whom i might be apatheticly corasponding with and improperly spelling to. I'm muffin. no corelation to the o so sweet and tasty pastery. figured i would drop in see what all the scene-kids wer up to nowadays. any of ya hit blossemed into maturity yet? thats nice. so now it is time for (insert strong bad voice) da shout out. hi to those i dont know, jeni, nicole, that o so homo rob, his hetero-lifemate alex, and of course maggie. anyone i forgot? hope not. ok, so lets all do that resond to me thing, ok? ok. till next time im sober, adios.

Current mood: really drunk